Increase social signals

Increase social signals and how this affects Google search rankings

Posted: 30/09/2017 in Blog

Increase social signals
In the future, it could be that more people look to their friends for recommendations through social media rather than Google search. Right now, Google is taking more notice than ever of the activity surrounding your business through social media. It is essential to keep these channels regularly updated with fresh content, in order to get increase social signals. You could have an excellent website, and you may have the latest e-commerce technology and the best graphic design work, but now comes the tricky part - choosing an SEO firm. There's a long list of SEO firms claiming that they can do submission to directories, link building and article submission, but does a chocolate website really need to build links to an oil merchant directory?

Google has already shunted out link farms as well as pointless paid and irrelevant links. For any SEO firm or webmaster, the most worthwhile ways forward are social bookmarking, articles, press and other web contents. Not only does our social bookmarking, article and press submission service ensure that all incoming links to your site are relevant, we also ensure that your precious time and resources are not wasted on fu tile link building programs. A regularly updated blog, built integral to the main website, is essential for good 'SEO health'. Shared enabled content such as photos and unique relevant copy is also key to a successfully ranked website. We carry out manual submissions to high ranking social bookmarking, press release and article portals with many different anchor text and description. We submit your site to quality article sites with high page rank values and most of them require us to create a unique account for you before submission. We'll create unique email IDs for you, register your account with each site, verify the email, submit your site and finally give you the access to the email account that we have created for you. Today, the internet is a platform of fierce competition for websites wishing to achieve higher rankings on specific keywords within niche sectors. Many established and genuine link building strategies in the past are no longer relevant and links built in this fashion could now cause damage to rankings, even if they were helping previously. Through careful analysis of all inbound links, we can categories links as good or bad. Taking down the bad inbound links, then submitting a case proposal and using the Disavow tool will help re-establish rankings. Suffering from a link-based Google Penalty?

We've successfully helped companies recover from Google penalties caused by bad links to their websites. We are the only agency to license exclusive technology designed by former search engine engineers. This technology, along with our search engine specialists who have worked on hundreds of sites to remove penalties, is what accounts for our success in removing so many Google penalties. We quickly and effectively identify and remove the links most likely to cause either Google manual penalties or Google Penguin issues. Our approach uses technology to aid a manual assessment of links to your site which allows us to target problem links for removal. We take care of the whole process from identifying links to removing them and then submitting a re-inclusion request to Google. Let us identify the problem with your site free of charge. If you are not sure if you have a penalty or are not sure which type of penalty you have then contact us and we will help identify your penalty type free of charge. Suffering from Google Penguin?

Google Penguin is both a manual and an algorithmic-based penalty which is nearly always caused by bad links to your site and, in particular, by links which have been artificially created and use keyword anchor text to link to your site. Most sites which recover from Google Penguin do so by removing a large percentage of the guilty links. For those sites with thousands of links, this can be a very time consuming process which many sites do not get right even after 12 months or more of trying. We can quickly and efficiently identify the bad links and target them for removal. Google Manual Penalty? If you have a notification in your webmaster tools account that your site has been penalised then we can help. We've worked on a huge number of sites to remove manual penalties and know exactly how to give you the highest chance of success. We use our exclusive technology and our search engine penalty team to identify, contact and remove bad links. We document the whole process and submit to Google for re-inclusion.

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